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Friday, October 12, 2001

October 12, 2001

So it took me this long to discover that my letter was published in last June's GQ Magazine ( A friend of a friend recognized my name in the magazine while he was reading it on a plane, and ripped it off for me. Oddly enough, I was ranting about religious fundamentalism, which seems to have become the topic of the moment for the entire world. But I was talking about fundamentalism (in response to the annual "Hollywood" issue of GQ) as it relates to spooks and special effects. Today, fundamentalism sounds almost furiously insipid, at least as far as I can imagine what it means to even BE a fundamentalist.

Uh, what else? The latest Haunted Attraction magazine is on the shelves, with a cover story on Phantom Manor (written by David G. of Ravenswood Manor) and a cover designed by moi. I actually layed out the entire mag, though it was a quick turnaround job, so if I do it again, I hope to add a little more flair. But I took care with the cover. Go try to find one; it's a great read, and a must for all you collectors out there.

Talked to Ron Howard's folks in my ongoing futile mission to get a few words from him for the "Insiders" page. I don't know why I even try while he's trying to wrap up... uh, what's the name of his latest film again? A Beautiful Mind... right? Well, maybe I'll try again in a few months. Robie Lester, however, has been more than accomodating, and I hope to have some great things from her to come to the site soon.