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Sunday, March 24, 2002

A few quick notes...

Just got back from a trip to Disneyland. Despite various rumors, the new safety spiel and spanish warnings HAVE been added to the Doom Buggy soundtrack. It's NOT Corey Burton, though the guy who tries to match Frees' vocal tracks isn't horrible. But it sounds like he's trying hard to match Frees' character and quality, whereas Burton pulled the job off effortlessly for the Haunted Mansion Holiday. Oh well.

We were reviewed nicely by this week. Thanks, Bonnie!

And, I got a chance to meet Eric Robison at Disneyland (he was running a "Learn How to Draw Mickey" table in New Orleans Square for kids in support of his 100 Mickeys exhibit.) Really nice guy, and it was also really kind of him to say he's been a fan of my site for years. Sign up for his mailing list (for spooky art, no less!) at


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