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Monday, April 24, 2006

Attic update!

Just returned from a quick trip to Disneyland this weekend (and it seems that the rare sunny California weekend caught TDA off guard, as DCA actually filled up before Disneyland on Saturday, and guests parking at the M&F garage were told that DCA was full, so they should consider visiting Disneyland instead!)

On Sunday, Disneyland was quite manageable (if somewhat crowded), and any audio effects that were being tested through the week prior were turned off. The attic is still clearly re-dressed, and there are a large number of new props covered with sheets, so I think the new character's "unveiling" (so to speak) is imminent.

However, new audio effects HAVE been being tested, and there's a video going around the net that clearly has the bride's voice saying "...'til DEATH do us part..." For all the latest speculation and reports from the attic, be sure to visit the forums.



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