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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

...'til DEATH do us part...

The new bride is online in the Disneyland Haunted Mansion attic, to rave reviews! Early today, the effects were switched on in the Mansion and the portaits of the "Black Widow" Bride's former husbands revealed.


The portraits all show the bride, "Constance," with her former husbands, each of whom lose their head on the changing portrait with an eerie "swoosh!" Just before the Doom Buggies exit the attic, the new, glowing bride appears, taunting you with coy statements such as "'Til DEATH do us part..." and suddenly raises her bouquet, which becomes a gleaming steel axe...

To a one, the viewers of the new effects that have reported to me have loved the enhancement, and feel it brings a great creepy thrill to the transitional attic scene.

More news as it comes!



Blogger Rikki said...

wow, that sucks! i was there a couple of months ago!

1:07 AM  

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