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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Seance Circle update, and more Constance...

Looks like the enhancement to the seance circle, in which one of the ghosts who is having trouble "getting through" starts to make himself known in a more personal manner, is operating to generally good reviews. The lopsided eyes of the apparition bring to mind the standard Mansion ghoulish visage, though whether or not the character is intended to represent the Hatbox Ghost himself is up for debate.

Leota's Child, a member of the DoomBug message board community, caught the effect on video (a frame of which is above), which you can see here. She commented on the effect:

The image of the ghost was much larger than I expected. I didn't see it fade in and out, but rather illuminated by the ectoplasm thingy as it went over his face. Taking a video was very hard because he is behind you as you enter the room, so I had to hold the camera up over the doombuggy to try to capture it... it is so dark, the camera had trouble picking up the image.

Constance update: the Ghost Relations Blog for next week features a full one-minute audio cycle of the new bride, captured on videotape by a lucky mortal who was stranded in the attic momentarily. Here's your chance to hear the entire spiel. Go listen!



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