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Friday, August 25, 2006

New Haunted Mansion merchandise from Disney

Greetings, Ghost Fans, has just released a new Haunted Mansion collection in time for Halloween '06. The items are ostensibly "home decor," as opposed to "collectibles," though the new Bride (which looks to be roughly the size of a "big fig," though it's not in the big fig collection) looks like a pretty nice addition to any Mansion collection.

I'd take this Bride (23" tall, $169) over the "big fig" version anyday. There are also some Hitchhiking Ghost tombstones (which feature light-up versions of the Hikers' heads popping out of cartoon-ish gravestones) and yet another version of the Mansion gate plaque, this one altered to leave space for you to have your name added under the "The" and above the "Haunted Mansion." On the sample pictured at Disney's site, the personalization doesn't look very appropriate for the piece.

One interesting feature is yet another turn toward the famed "Hatbox Ghost" in a couple items. The coolest is the 24" light-up stone ($80) pictured below. They refer to the character as "Ezra," but the outfit and hat suggest that the true inspiration behind this piece is good ol' Hattie:

You can see the whole new line at



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