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Monday, October 29, 2001

Had a brief communication with Eric Robison today. He's unveiling a new website called "" From the few images he's shared with me, it looks like it'll be a creepy-cool site with illustrations somewhere along the genre-lines of Gorey, Barker, and/or Tim Burton (but the illustration style and conceptualization is all Robison.) For those of you who might not know, Eric Robison is an artist that has been affiliated with the Disney Company for some time. His works (both originals and lithos) are regularly seen in the Disneyland Gallery, and he produced pieces for both the Haunted Mansion's 30th Anniversary event and the recent Haunted Mansion Holiday event. Anyway, there's just a teaser/placeholder at now, but you can take a peek, if you want an idea of things to come... Catch y'all later.


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