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Tuesday, October 23, 2001

Hey y'all,

You might want to check out the October issue of The Spook ( There's a pretty cool article on the myths surrounding the Haunted Mansion. Download it before you have to pay for it!

The Haunted Mansion Holiday was one of the best things I've experienced at Disneyland in a *loooooong* time. In fact, riding through it gave me the same chills I remember from the time I saw Fantasmic! in its initial week of release, after sitting in front of Tom Sawyers island up against the iron fence for 4 hours of pure anticipation. There is nothing like watching Fantasmic! with your face pressed up to the fence, with nothing before you but the mist and smoke from the Rivers of America... but the new Nightmare-themed Mansion is right up there, IMHO. Go ride Haunted Mansion Holiday; you won't be let down.


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