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Friday, October 26, 2001

There's just something odd about notoriety, especially when I feel like I'm being noticed by people who are generally more noticed by the general public then myself. Boy, that made no sense. Anyway, as an example, I just got a cool note from Stuart Fratkin, who you would very likely recognize from his character parts on many of my favorite TV shows. (Like, he was just on Philly this week, possibly my favorite new drama since NYPD Blue. And he's been on Friends a couple times.) He said:

"I just stumbled on your site... by accident... in-f***ing-credible! Sorry, it's that good and fun and informative! I am a Los Angeles native... and love Disneyana... Thank you and congrats on an awesome display of work!!!"

He went on to ask a few other Disney-related questions as well. It's nice to know Hollywood people who can fess up to being fans of something like Disneyana. I also received some nice compliments from Corey Burton this week, who does the incredible Ghost Host imitation of Paul Frees in the Haunted Mansion Holiday. His work for HMH is absolutely incredible, by the way. Paul Frees may be inimitable, but Burton's homage to him in HMH is almost dead-on.

More to come soon. Hey, my Halloween sound fx have been nos. 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 for almost a week in the sound effects charts (admitedly a minor niche) at Go take a listen! Bye...


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