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Saturday, February 16, 2002

Hey, it looks like we ARE going to get an official haunted Mansion Holiday audio CD release... in 7 or 8 months, according to Louis B. (Hey Louis... are you out there? Any more details you wanna share?)

Rumors keep flying, but finally, a tidbit from a reliable source popped up on the other day. Randy Thornton, who heads all sorts of Disney audio responsibilities, had the following to say:

>"What Louis reported is correct all the way down the line."<

(which was a 7 -8 month timeline, and the fact that a disc was mastered but not created due to small legal issues...)

>"No CDs were manufactured (so obviously there were none to destroy). Though a CD release was planned, several issues came up that prevented the work from going forward (None of which had anything to do with Mr. Elfman). Bruce Healey and his team created a ride through of HMH and I was compiling other HM material for the disc. Just as I had scheduled a session at WDI to pull more material, word came down that the project was off due to some issues that I can't go into here. Rest assured that the real issues surrounding this release have absolutely nothing in common with what's being discussed in the rumor mill. Most if not all the rumors surrounding this release are False."

"Hopefully, these issues will be resolved so that an official and good quality version of this attraction will be released in the future. It's difficult to correct a bad rumor when the true (and honestly rather silly) facts are still confidential. This is why I have not posted anything on the subject until now. However, I'm uncomfortable if someone's credibility questioned when I know they are correct. I hope the information I've disclosed here (limited as it is), helps shed some light on the true facts surrounding this release."<<

Hey, there's a bit of good news, for those of us for whom patience is a virtue (which counts me out...)

-The Chef


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