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Monday, December 31, 2001

Hi everyone...

I know it's been a while... sorry 'bout that. I've been under the gun with a couple web design projects that I'm just starting to finish up. Nevertheless, I've still been out there collecting stuff for y'all! I'm starting by changing the download of the month on the home page to a nice little rendition of Grim Grinning Ghosts that was featured on the Halloween edition of House of Mouse this year (which is on 1 Saturday Morning on ABC... it's part of Disney's cartoon lineup.) You might also consider clearing your browser's cache, as I plan on putting a randomizer on the home page that will play different snippets of Haunted Mansion audio. There's a small clip of the Haunted Mansion Holiday Loading Zone audio up there now for you to enjoy.

The video page is also back up for the time being (until I can't afford to host it again; if anyone out there has space and a small amount of bandwidth that they'd consider lending to in exchange for, well... fame, glory, and a link or banner ad on my site, please let me know!)

Till next year... RIP!


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