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Thursday, April 17, 2003

Don Hahn (producer of the upcoming HM movie) was kind enough to take a few minutes to speak to me personally yesterday as I toured the sets of the Haunted Mansion movie, and you heard it here first: he's trying to get the best of the sets shipped to California Adventure (or possibly MGM at WDW) to be transformed into a Haunted Mansion movie experience, where *you* all can tour the sets too. He said that just this past week he had a meeting about it and it looked like a go. So that could be another reason to head back down to DL this year...

And I also had an encounter with Master Edward Gracey (as played by Nataniel Parker) in full 19th century costume as I walked the halls of the studio. Pretty funny guy - I think he'll do the part justice.

AND I saw the costume treatments for the famous denizens of the Mansion. They are all there, folks. Be on the lookout for your favorite of the 999 happy haunts...


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