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Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Regarding the Haunted Mansion "teaser trailer" floating around the web:

There've been "mixed reviews" (to put it kindly) on the original Haunted Mansion teaser trailer that was released on the Counry Bears VHS and Tuck Everlasting DVD. Perhaps you've heard of it: it features a disco version of Beethoven's Fifth and cartoon ghosts flying into each other, or something like that. A highlight, however, is Corey Burton's imitation of Frees' Ghost Host as the teaser's narrator.

Nevertheless, the teaser doesn't square at all with the immense, intricately-detailed sets, and Rick Baker's very cool, very creepy graveyard denizens - both of which I've seen first hand on a tour of the set. So I questioned an Exec. Director over at Buena Vista Pictures marketing about the teaser.

"The HM "teaser trailer" you are referring to is in fact a home video piece that was NEVER meant to be viewed by the general public," he said. "We produced this material to target kids, and it is only being distributed on children's videos. You'll notice that piece is found [in various places on the web] in a downloadable format. In other words, we aren't hosting it. I would love it if you would let the fans know the real teaser trailer is coming soon. This piece was released long before any film had been shot."

By the way, the real teaser most likely will be enclosed with Pirates of the Caribbean on July 9th. It will be widely available online on that date, and there'll probably be a deal with aol or msn to premiere the trailer a day or two earlier via their online services.

Just passing on that bit of info...

-The Chef


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