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Thursday, April 10, 2003

Some news for yah - (my unofficial tribute to Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean) is open (well, at least a preview version is online). Check it out, and feel free to throw your suggestions my way. There's more to come in the near future, but I think there's enough cool stuff there to get you ready for your next Disney vacation...

The Message Board now has nearly 900 opt-in members, and membership is growing steadily as the Haunted Mansion movie release date nears (look for it in late fall of this year.) If you haven't checked it out lately, you might really enjoy it. Rumor has it that among the users of the board are Haunted mansion technicians, numerous Haunted Mansion Disney theme park cast members... and even some folks involved with the production of the upcoming film. Also, you'll find exclusive reports from the extravagant sets created for the film... available only on

Thanks for visiting... now go get back to the website!

-The Chef


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