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Thursday, November 01, 2001

A bit of cool news. Yesterday, Rush Limbaugh used a couple of my own sound effects on his radio show in a parody of Jesse Jackson. Yes, the creaking door and evil laughter you hear in this clip are from, a haunted-house-design studio I've formed with my partner in crime, Dave Collier (who voices the laughter.) I would have never known if I hadn't have been listening to the tail end of his show while I was downing a couple steak soft tacos at Taco Bell. Whoever produced the bit must have gotten one of the promo CDs of our sounds that sent out to radio last month. BTW, the rest of the SFX in this clip are from

Anyway, that was a kinda unexpected cool little treat to my Halloween, which I needed since I've been totally sick for 2 days. Hope you all had a better Halloween!


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