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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Donny Osmond and his Haunted Mansion studies

Let's take a trip back to 1969, when Donny Osmond and his brothers were shooting the "Disneyland Showtime" episode for "The Wonderful World of Disney:"

"Now you have to understand that I was only nine years old at the time we were shooting that show," Donny explained in a recent interview. "So as soon as my brothers and I finished shooting a musical number in the park, I'd have to go to school. Sit down with my on-set tutor and do my math.

"Well, there wasn't a whole lot of open office space at the park back then," Osmond continued. "So where Disney actually wound up setting up my classroom was inside the Haunted Mansion itself. Inside this empty room up on the second floor of the building."

"Now this attraction hadn't officially been opened to the public yet. But Disney was still in the process of testing the thing. So when I finished my homework, I'd sneak downstairs. And the Imagineers were nice enough to let me wander around behind-the-scenes at the attraction. Let me see how the Mansion really worked."

"That -- I think -- is my favorite Disneyland memory," Donny concluded. "To get behind-the-scenes at Disney's latest & greatest attraction before it actually opened for the public. I think that was pretty cool."
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