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Wednesday, February 13, 2002

Has Paul Frees been desecrated?

Well, at least his a portion of his Ghost Host characterization has...

The new HM rehab that is opening this weekend will feature a new bit of dialogue once you board the Doom Buggies. A Frees "sorta-soundalike" will be replacing the classic "Do NOT pull down on the safety bar, please.... " all the way through "quietly seated at all times." The new spiel will include newer "legally-correct" stuff about arms, legs, head, feet, and children, because apparently Disney is in the process of updating many safety spiels found throughout the parks. Not only that, but a Spanish version in an entirely different voice will follow the fake Frees, further disrupting the mood and flow.

Corey Burton (the voice of the HMH Ghost Host) asked me to let you all know that the new spiel is NOT his voice; WDI asked, and he refused, out of respect for the original show as a whole. He said he'd be glad to add the bit as an add-on, to be played to the loading queue or something, but not to replace Paul Frees. So Disney found someone else.

I know safety is important, but interupting the actual ride soundtrack didn't seem necessary, when Burton had suggested a perfectly reasonable alternative. Perhaps it's not such a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but I'm passing it on at his request for what it's worth...


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