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Friday, February 08, 2002

In case some of you don't read the Bulletin Board, you might be interested in the following, posted by WDW's own "Dick1000th:"

"Last night my supervisor and I were afforded a preview of the new tombstone which will be installed next week. It is called the 'Leota Toombstone'. Due to budget cuts, it will not talk. That function was eliminated. The tombstone will be located on the left of the entrance to the WDW mansion, in the existing graveyard. You will have to look at her closely. First, her face extends out from the stone itself just a slight bit, then her eyes open, looking both ways and then close again. That's it. Keep in mind the short amount of time people are out there, it will be fun to wait for reaction from people who catch the movement, but aren't really sure they saw something. It is quite good, considering that it was initially supposed to do more.
There will be no big promo for it as it is not a major addition. You all reading this are the first to know. Incidentally, the inscription on the stone reads:

Dear sweet Leota
Beloved by all
In regions beyond now,
but having a ball."

Cool, huh? You heard it first on

BTW, added to its web guide. Just what I need... more traffic when I can't even afford the bandwidth I'm serving now! =) If y'all want to see more media, buy a t-shirt or somethin' to support thanks!


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