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Saturday, December 17, 2005

LA Mag

This past summer, I was interviewed by a writer named Dave Gardetta for Los Angeles Magazine, one of the better regional/national newsstand magazines. He was doing a piece on extreme Disney fandom, and found his way to

We talked over a Red Robin lunch courtesy of LA Mag. A really nice guy with a good grip on the basic past-few-years-history of the park, we talked over the generalities of Disney fandom - my collections, how often I visit the parks, what I've gathered from fans of the site. He invited me to meet him at the park both on the 50th birthday (a date I couldn't make because of work obligations,) and for Bats Day in the Park (a date he ended up cancelling due to a pending interview he had with Annette Bening.) So apart from a few quick emails, we never spoke again in regard to the article.

The article did come out in November - some of you might have read it. It's a really insightful read, and a good capsule view of how Disney fans have helped shape the direction of the park over the past few years. The types of things we discussed - more toward what makes fans tick - was not emphasized as much as the recent changes at the park and Al Lutz' role in the park's direction, so I didn't make the final printed article. But I encourage you all to grab a copy of the Nov. '05 issue of Los Angeles Magazine to check it out, if you're interested in how the little people can make a difference in the park's direction (or not, depending on who you listen to.)

As an aside, I did respond to the article, and that short bit was printed in the December issue (on newsstands now.) I'll post a copy of that below, for anyone interested.

I'll be back at the park Dec. 22-23. Maybe I'll see some of you there.



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