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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Lisa Loeb and my birthday

Not much to say, apart from the title - it's my birthday today, and Lisa Loeb called, which was a nice way to mark the occasion. (I still don't fully understand the usage of "w00t!", but I'm guessing it might fit here.)

I was out of the office and missed the call (grrr), but it's cool... she was just calling because I had put a banner up on for her new show "#1 Single" on E!. I've been a fan for years and years, and responded to a request for promotion from her fan club, so it's not like I'm a Lisa-Loeb-insider or anything. But it was a nice surprise for my birthday, to say the least. Listen to her message along with me:

Fun. Anyway, I'm off to Chevy's for a birthday margarita. RIP.


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