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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

New Haunted Mansion merch coming...

There are a couple new pieces coming out in April from Walt Disney Collectibles, a division of One is a solid metal gate plaque, with a mirror for the center, and the other is a nice lenticular pin set. Both are limited to an edition of 1500.

Haunted Mansion lenticular pins

Jody Daily, from Walt Disney Collectibles, commented on the pieces he co-designed with Kevin Kidney:

"[We] really strive to keep our "fingerprints" off of the collectibles we produce. We consider these items as small tributes and try are hardest to stay true to the original concepts and designs of the great artists that came before us.

"I am sure you know how much we love the Hat Box ghost by now. For his portrait we used him as the King from the Corridor and lingered one extra frame on just his eyes before disappearing..."

"All of these new Disneyland 50th collectibles were added very late in our production timeline, and therefore we were unable to produce some of the more complicated ideas we had in mind. However, we were able to bring back some of the ideas we had started that got cancelled. So yes, I got my House of the Future."

Disneyland's House of the Future scale model

The pieces are scheduled to go on sale in early April. Click here for more photos and information.



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