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Monday, October 16, 2006 on WDW Today and Inside the Magic!

Don't miss this week's Inside the Magic podcast (hosted by Ricky Brigante) - You can hear me asking a Haunted Mansion trivia question as part of the ongoing month of Haunted Mansion trivia contests. There'll be another question next week too, so keep tuning in:

And you can also learn a little more about my thoughts about creating this site on this week's WDW Today podcast (#166) - in all of my "uh, ummm, gee-that's-a-good-question" glory (heh.) There's also a little sneak preview of what's coming for Halloween at at the end of the interview!

It's already been brought to my attention that when the WDW Today hosts were asking me about the differences between the WDW/DL attractions, I didn't make a case for the 50th enhancements, to which I can only say, I know. My perspective, after the years of running this site, is simply that the heart of all 4 Mansions (including Phantom Manor) is very similar, to me. Maybe they were looking for more nitty-gritty details - I don't know. But I do find both DL and WDW to feel very much the same, even with the new attic and levitating Leota ball at DL.

Anyway - enjoy the podcasts!


-The Chef


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