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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Dan Vado and the Haunted Mansion anthology

SLG Publishing is putting out a book containing the first 6 issues of the Haunted Mansion comic - and there will be a special, slip-covered, clothbound collector's edition available directly from SLG for around $50 (although if you preorder, you can get one at a 10% discount.)

I spoke with Dan Vado, the publisher at SLG, about the Haunted Mansion books yesterday. "I did the Haunted Mansion comic because I just really love that ride - and while (the comics) may not have been to everyone's taste, I really want to say that I did something that people like me might have enjoyed," Vado said. "It justified the nearly two dozen times I made my parents take me on the thing over and over again when I was 11."

From my perspective, a big reason to be a fan of this title is simply because it's obvious that every single one of the authors and artists has been moved, inspired or touched by the Haunted Mansion attraction in some way - it shows in the work. Also, granting the Haunted Mansion license to an indy comic publisher was an inspiring decision for the Disney Company to have made - the type of decision that I'd like to see more often.