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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Origins of the Anaheim Mansion revealed

"Progressland" has unveiled the exact historical architecture that was copied to become the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland. Completing a process that was begun when DoomBuggies revealed to Justinspace that the original photo reference for the Mansion was discovered in a book by Francis Lichten, Progressland has gone on to do a fascinating job of investigative reporting, resulting in the discovery that the original photo of the building is actually the Shipley-Lydecker House, a structure that has since been razed, but had been located at 2550 McHenry Street, Baltimore.

The illustration above is a sketch of the home found in a family history called "The Shipleys of Maryland," another publication Progressland uncovered. This structure in undoubtedly the sole reference which informed the design of the Haunted Mansion facade in Disneyland. While there may have been WED trips to the Evergreen House and the Winchester House for detail reference materials, it is quite clear that the Shipey-Lydecker House was the singular inspiration for the overall design of the structure.

Head's off to Progressland! Click here to view the entire article.


Your own horse-drawn hearse

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